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Download Freeware/Shareware VLAN Router

Telford Tools, Inc. is making available a freeware/shareware edition of its VLAN Router/Network Tester for PCI bus Intel Architecture Personal Computers.  The freeware/shareware edition supports up to eight 21140-based 10/100 Megabit/sec PCI ethernet interfaces.  It supports 2 fractional T1 interfaces that provide interconnection by the Serial LIne eTHERNET (SLITHERNET) protocol.  It supports IP and IPX routing between VLANs.  Path selection at the MAC layer is performed by P802.1d, DEC Spanning Tree or Simple LAN Switching.  The VLAN Router is managed by a forms/menu interface on the PC console or by the same forms/menu interface via a remote telnet connection.  The VLAN Router contains an SNMP agent as well as an outgoing telnet client.  The VLAN Router has the ability to ping other networked devices. 

The Network Tester capabilities (accessed via the Traffic Generator on the Main Menu) can generate

Use of the Freeware/Shareware VLAN Router is governed by the Freeware/Shareware VLAN Router License, which should be read before installing the Freeware/Shareware VLAN Router.  To obtain the Freeware/Shareware VLAN Router ZIP file, click here (previous distribution click here).  The zipped directory tree should be extracted to c:\ on the PC to be converted into a VLAN Router. Follow the installation instructions in c:\vlnrtrfw\docs.  To obtain e-mail support of the Freeware/Shareware VLAN Router, register for basic freeware support by sending a registration request via e-mail to Telford Tools, Inc.  The e-mail should include

To obtain an installation CD-ROM with automated installation procedures and additional valid MAC addresses as well as 30 minutes of free telephone support, fill out the Shareware Registration Form and mail this form with a check or money order for US$100 to the following address. Make checks or money orders payable to Telford Tools, Inc.  Shareware users are entitled to discounts on other Telford Tools Products, on hardcopy manuals, customer support and on VLAN Router hardware purchased through Telford Tools, Inc.

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