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A Yale and Harvard graduate, Joachim Martillo developed Internet technology at MIT and worked with American and Israeli defense corporations. While working on communications infrastructure upgrades in Palestine in the early 1990s, he became aware of the brutality of the occupation. A student of Hebrew since childhood, and well-versed in Yiddish and Slavic languages, he began to research the origins of Zionism to try to understand the mentality behind the brutality he had witnessed. He is now America's leading expert on the Organized Jewish Community's network of control over political discourse about the State of Israel. He is currently working on a book to reply to Walt and Mearsheimer’s The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.


Speak German, Yiddish, French, Polish, Latin, Spanish

Read Classical Hebrew, Modern Israeli Hebrew, ancient Greek, Arabic, classical Aramaic, Syriac.

Work Experience 

President Telford Tools, Inc.                                                                                              Boston

1993 – Present

·        Services related to software development, network debugging and communications equipment.

·        Negotiate with prospective customers.

·        Develop proposals. Project planning. Costing. Accounting. Payroll.

·        Professional conference organizing in the financial sector.

Academic Politics Investigator                                                          Cambridge/Boston/NY City

2002 – 2006

·         Main external source of anti-Summers tension at Harvard University.

·         Educating decision makers about the one-by-one boycott of Arab and Muslim scholars at US universities by educating the public that it constitutes a Title 18 USC Section 241 (conspiracy against rights violation).

·         Identifying discrimination against Arabs and Muslims that can jeopardize a university’s status as a 501 (C) (3) organization that can receive tax-deductible contributions.

·         Investigating a conspiracy among the Boston Israeli Consulate, the Israel on Campus Coalition, the David Project, Campus Watch and other Israel advocacy groups to deny tenure to Nadia Abu el Haj and other Arab or Muslim academics.

Roxbury Mosque Advocate                                                                                                  Boston

2003 – 2007

·        Publicized the David Project’s attempts to subvert the constitutional rights of US citizens.

·        Helped the ISB place letters in the Boston Globe.

·        Investigated the David Project’s questionable real estate connections.

·        Co-wrote articles with Karin Friedemann for The Muslim Observer, The American Muslim, Islamic Horizons, the Pluralism Project, and Axis of Logic. Authored The real significance of the AJC attack on "progressive" Jews (

·        Attended meetings at various synagogues to enlist Jewish support for the Roxbury Mosque.

·        Created a Weblog entitled Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel (

·        Enlisted support from African American community leaders Mel King and Chuck Turner.

HAAA Conference Volunteer                                                                         Cambridge


·        Helped organize the 2007 Harvard Arab Alumni Conference.

Green Rainbow Party, Boston Organizer                                                            Boston


·        Campaign to recruit more Arabs, Muslims and other minorities to the party.

·        Organized Sudan workshop with Karin Friedemann for the State Convention August 25.

·         Working on public positions and strategies for the Boston chapter.

Sudan Advocacy Witness                                                                                    Boston


·        Testified before the state joint legislative committee in opposition to the proposed Sudan divestment.

·         The testimony can be found at Other Sudan and Darfur related articles could be found at the web site.


Screenwriter                                                                                                        Boston

2003 – Present

·        Created a genre of Arab or Palestinian sympathetic Hollywood-style cinema.

·         Devorah’s Two Weddings or Meet the Jamals [worked on this script with Pamela Berger, who directed The Imported Bridegroom].

·        Two Weeks in September or Not a Dream but a Nightmare [worked on this script with Hanna Elias, who directed The Olive Harvest -- most recent readers have suggested starting the film with script page 19, adobe reader page 20, at the scene with heading INT. UCSC ADMINISTRATION BUILDING -- AFTERNOON (NEXT DAY)].

Lectures on Zionism

2002 – Present

·         Rutgers, October 2002. “Historiography of Pre-State Zionism.”

·         NYU, February 2003. “The Failure of Jewish Studies in America.”

·         Screen Writing Conference @ UMASS Boston, November 2004. "The Art of Screen Writing -- Imagining and Interpreting Unknown Worlds." Took part in the panel discussion on “Filling The Void: Missing Genre, Asian-Muslim films for the American audience.”

·         Interview with Hisham Tillawi on Current Issues TV, August 2007. Archived at

Somerville Divestment Project Volunteer                                                     Somerville

2002 – 2006

·         Collected signatures.

·         Lobbied aldermen.

·         Held sign on voting day

Harvard Extension School Instructor                                                                        Cambridge


·        Nadia Shalaby and I developed a focused course (CSCI E-136 High-Performance Internet Switching: Design and Implementation) in engineering design and implementation, prepared lectures, wrote problem sessions and developed laboratory sessions.


1980 – 1981

Yale University, New Haven Connecticut


1974 – 1978

 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

A.B./Physics, Magna cum laude.